Family Protection

The majority of people understand that insurance is an important part of their finances, however many people can forget that the most important part of their finances is themselves, in particular their ability to bring home an income.

When times are good, it can be tempting to forego insurance policies, thinking that you have no need or call for them. Whilst we very much hope this is the case for our clients, we have sadly seen many situations over the years where they have been required.

Using a trusted panel of providers, the team at Gresham can advise on the most appropriate forms and levels of insurance to protect you and your family.

The types of protection arrangements Gresham Wealth Management Ltd can advise upon are:

  • Term Assurance
  • Family Income Benefit
  • Whole of Life
  • Critical Illness Cover
  • Permanent Health Insurance / Income Protection
  • Private Medical Insurance

Deciding what type and level of insurance to take can be a challenge, especially without the right advice. Our team of advisers are able to guide you through the options available, helping to select the most suitable policies to ensure you are fully protected. It’s all a case of planning for the worst, whilst of course hoping for the best.

For advice specific to your individual circumstances, please contact us.

  • Personal Injury Trusts

    Without a personal injury trust in place, you can lose entitlement to present and future means-tested state benefits, including local authority contributions to the cost of long-term care. We offer simple, jargon free advice to check if a personal injury trust is required on receipt of a claim, generally at no cost to you.
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