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Financial Planning

31 Oct

Don’t Let Financial Fear Hold You Back

In most cases, managing money is something we teach ourselves, picking it up along the way without any formal financial training or education. Due to…

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19 May

What’s Your Financial Plan Coming out of Lockdown?

According to the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Report in February 2021, households across the UK have accumulated an excess stock of savings totalling £125…

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21 Apr

Has Lockdown Affected your Financial Behaviour?

Whilst most of us will have thought about how we will emerge from lockdown socially, few of us will have taken the time to think…

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21 Apr

New Tax Year – New Plan?

Whilst the dawn of the new tax year may not be an occasion most people recognise, it’s something we get quite excited about as financial…

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17 Mar

Divorce and Financial Advice in Light of the Pandemic

Following on from the strain of national lockdowns, and considering that the most recent ONS divorce statistics showed the number of couples getting divorced/dissolving civil…

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10 Mar

The Value of Options in Tax Year End Planning

With the tax year end fast approaching, we are working with a number of clients to look at their available allowances and the ways in…

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10 Mar

A Reminder of the Personal Allowance Trap

The tax rate applied to the first £12,500 of income earnt in a tax year is 0%. This is what is known as the personal…

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08 Mar

Budget 2021

The Chancellor of the Exchequer’s budget is always an important event in the political calendar, but this year’s speech to set out the government’s plans…

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24 Feb

Financial Planning in your 30s, 40s and 50s

Milestone birthdays are usually a time for a big celebration – looking back over the years gone by with friends and family and sharing in…

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17 Feb

The Great Taboo – How and Why to Talk About Money

Talking about money is not a very ‘British’ thing to do. But in this day and age, are we perhaps too reserved when it comes…

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10 Feb

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Many of us are guilty of overindulging young members of our families with toys and gifts. Giving a toy that brings joy to a child’s…

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10 Jan

New Year’s Resolutions vs Financial Life Goals

A New Year is upon us and as such, many of us will look at our lives and resolve to do things better over the…

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I am only in this position because of you. One of the best decisions I have ever taken going with GWM.

With great thanks for all your reassuring attention over the last year. It means more to me than I can express in a few words.

I just want to thank you and your team so very much for all you do for me throughout the year. It is a real comfort to know that my investments are in such capable hands. I literally couldn’t do it on my own.

We are both very grateful for the time you spent with us in explaining various options. We certainly feel we now both have a much better understanding of our situation & the decisions which we need to consider moving forward.

Thanks again for your advice, you have given me the kick I needed to take control and I’m very grateful for that.

We feel we can phone at any time during office hours if we need anything clarifying. Our financial adviser knows our personal circumstances and is in tune with our goals and lifestyle. His advice has been and continues to be excellent.

You’ve solved that dilemma for me… Thank you for being so clear and honest as always.

A very personalised service… All advice is tailored to my needs with great consideration to issues I may not have thought of myself. I feel confident about my future finances.

Thank you so much again for your time and brilliant advice.

Just a big thank you for all you have done for our family. We do appreciate it.