We work with a range of accountancy practices across the country providing both general and bespoke financial planning solutions. At the heart of our business is our client service proposition and we continue this ethos with the accountancy practices that we work with. We endeavour to get to know the accountancy practices we work with first, before any clients are referred to us. This ensures that we can provide a seamless service to your clients so that the high level advice you offer continues.

We work with both generalist and specialist accountancy practices and offer targeted marketing support together with expert knowledge in order to help you provide a complete service package to your clients.

Medical Accountants

As part of our services we work with a number of accountants who are members of the Association of Independent Specialist Medical Accountants (AISMA). These connections have given us a valuable insight into the complex area of planning on behalf of NHS professionals. We can expertly guide your clients through this constantly evolving area and provide them with the specialist advice that is needed.

At present we are providing information, guidance and marketing support around the rollout of the ‘NHS Choices’ programme to the accountancy practices we work with and their clients. This issue is forefront in the minds of most medical professionals at this time and many are turning to their accountants for help and guidance. With the information we can provide, and the services which we offer, you can deliver a complete service package to your clients ensuring that their needs are met.

Marketing and Support

Fundamental to the way in which we work with all our business connections is that we endeavour to get to know your business first. We believe in working with you to help you provide a more complete service to your clients, meeting their expectations and needs.

We provide in house training on a wide range of financial planning subjects, such as retirement planning and investment options, so that you build your own knowledge of financial planning and help spot potential areas of need for your clients. In addition we provide various general and specialist marketing documents and newsletters which you can use for your clients, ensuring that they remain up to date with the ever changing financial world. We also listen to the requirements of our professional partners and where they require information on a particular subject, or marketing literature on a specific area, we are happy to oblige.

  • CPD training for professionals

    Gresham Wealth Management is one of the few financial planning firms in the North West that are registered to deliver CPD training. Committed to supporting fellow professionals with their ongoing professional development and understanding of key financial planning measures, our team have delivered training to over 350 accountants and solicitors in the region. Not only do these sessions help to keep you and your team ‘in the know’ on current legislation, they also help to identify potential benefits to your firm and your clients. Get in touch with us to discuss arranging a tailor made session for you and your team.
  • Client Testimonials

    My current investments are well on the positive side and I do thank you for your care and management of my financial affairs. I simply wouldn’t know how to manage them myself, and feel secure and confident knowing you are looking after these matters so professionally.
    I knew I had to start the ball rolling with getting our finances sorted but it was a hard thing for me to do as it cements the fact that our lives have changed forever. You made the whole process so much easier.
    On behalf of Walk & Talk Group, I would like to thank you for the most informative, enjoyable and appropriate presentation you gave. Members found the session of great value and very useful.
    Thank you for your visit today. We enjoyed meeting you and found you to be very thorough and knowledgeable. As a result, we now have a positive outlook concerning the future of our finances
    Whilst my client’s situation is obviously very complicated, you made it very straight forward – quite an art!
    It’s lovely for us to have nice friendly advisors like Jonathan and Morven.
    The professionalism of your service continues to give me confidence that we are pursuing the optimum route with our finances. The sound advice you provide is more critical than ever in the current climate.
    Morven’s guidance about pensions and investments has provided us with excellent returns, even during the recent turbulent financial times. She has been a helpful and friendly advisor for many years and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.
    I’m really impressed by how responsive you have all been to get this through against such a tight timescale.
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