Personal Services

In addition to services for your clients, with so many accountants and solicitors working long hours, you may find that you are giving your client’s cases far more time and thought than that of your own financial situation.

By reviewing your current financial plans and looking at future opportunities we can help put in place the appropriate planning steps to enable you to reap the benefits of the long hours worked and the financial rewards that go with it, leaving you to focus on your clients. This will also show the benefits of how we work with your clients to you first hand.

  • Shareholder/Partnership Protection

    One of the great risks of a partnership or limited company is that one of your colleagues may die, with their share of the business passing to someone else. That person may have little interest in the business or be unable to meet the requirements of running the business. Equally a partner or shareholder who suffers a serious illness may not want to continue in the business after treatment and look to be compensated for their exit from the business.

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