Professional Introducer

With accountants and solicitors no longer being able to offer financial advice through their professional bodies, the choices left to you are to either refer such work to an authorised independent financial adviser or to try and bring the work ‘in house’. By carrying out the advice yourself you effectively become a financial adviser, or create your own financial advice department, with the associated legislation, compliance issues and costs.

Some solicitors and accountants have made the decision to move away completely from giving any form of financial advice, however this is not the best solution for your clients or for yourself. Clients often require a multi-disciplined approach, drawing on the skills of different professions to help them plan their affairs fully, of which financial advice is an important part.

Gresham Wealth Management Ltd is committed to the development of the professional introducer market, by providing bespoke financial solutions for both the introducer and their clients. By combining the use of the latest technology along with regular face to face contact and traditional client service values, we provide a unique service to the professional market and to their clients

If you are an Accountancy or Solicitor practice who want to do more for your clients we would welcome the opportunity to discuss how our services could work for you.

  • Keyman Protection

    The death or prolonged illness of a key employee can put your business under financial strain. Keyman insurance compensates a business for the financial loss brought about by death or long term illness of a key employee.

    It provides a valuable cash injection to the business which can help with a potential loss of turnover and/or to provide funds to replace the key person.

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