Gresham Wealth Management Ltd provides bespoke services to a large number of solicitors covering a wide range of disciplines. We work closely with solicitor firms to ensure that we understand your relationship with your clients so that we can provide a seamless service to any clients you refer. We have specialist knowledge in a wide range of areas which dovetail with services provided by many solicitors.


Family solicitors encounter ever more complex situations in which they have to advise. We at Gresham Wealth Management Ltd fully understand the complexities that you face. Areas where we can provide support include:

Mortgage Capacity Advice – property purchase after divorce will require specific advice as to the amount which can be borrowed, and the rate of interest that will be charged.

Investment Advice – Investment advice for recipients of lump sum divorce settlements is essential to provide long term growth and replacement of lost benefits.

Pension Advice – We can help speed up the process of accurately valuing assets, including investments and pensions. Also, we can assist in interpreting actuarial pension reports and recommend suitable vehicles for pension credits. Finally, once the divorce has been settled, we can advise you clients on the investment and management of the assets they are left with in accordance with their individual requirements.

Life Insurance – With the break-up of a family, insurance requirements can change. Existing policies may have to be replaced with new ones to cover the change in circumstances.

Business Assets – Gresham Wealth Management Ltd have links with Forensic Accountants who can assist and ensure on accurate valuations of Business Assets.

Elderly Client Services

As people grow older they need to plan for the future. We at Gresham Wealth Management Ltd fully understand the complexities of this area and are sensitive to the needs of the elderly client.

The most common issues arising are:

  • If I need to be looked after who is responsible, the family, the NHS or the Government?
  • Do I need to use up my money and/or sell my home?
  • Can I give my family my assets now?
  • How do I plan effectively for Long Term Care?
  • How does inheritance tax work?
  • How can I protect my hard earned savings?

Gresham Wealth Management Ltd are highly experienced in advising in the areas of Long Term Care and Inheritance Tax Planning and hold the appropriate qualifications necessary to provide this advice.

Private Client

Many Private Client Solicitors now act in a Professional Capacity either as a Deputy, Trustee, Lasting Power of Attorney or Enduring Power of Attorney. Many Private Client Solicitors also advise many estates in relation to inheritance tax and wealth presentation. Gresham Wealth Management Ltd works closely with many Private Client Lawyers regarding these matters.

Deputy – With the onset of an ageing population Gresham Wealth Management Ltd recognise this and can provide the support that is required to ensure that you as a Deputy are compliant with your ongoing obligations. These same issues also arise under Lasting or Enduring Powers of Attorney

Trustee – We help trustees to meet their obligations under the Trustee Act 2000 by offering a comprehensive investment audit and advising on suitable investment strategies. In all cases we provide at least an annual review with the trustees to ensure the portfolio continues to meet their objectives. All written documentation is complaint with the Trustee Act 2000.

Inheritance Tax – We work with Private Client solicitors to mitigate IHT and preserve estates for future generations. Working with you and by making the best use of the available exemptions, trusts, investment strategies and gifts we can help clients to considerably reduce the amount of tax their estate pays in the event of their death.

Wealth Preservation – More and more people now inherit Wealth and are more aware of the need to save for their long term financial security. Gresham Wealth Management Ltd can provide bespoke financial planning advice to clients around the area of wealth preservation including areas such as retirement planning and utilising the various tax efficient investments that are available.

Personal Injury, Clinical Negligence and Court of Protection

We have developed a strong track record when giving pre and post-settlement advice to solicitors and recipients of a successful personal injury action.

Whether we are asked to provide expert advice on Periodical Payments, advise clients on the establishment of a Personal Injury Trust or assist Deputies and Trustees with financial planning, Gresham Wealth Management Ltd can help.

We offer a comprehensive menu of services for Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence Lawyers, clients and their families.

For more information and a copy of the Gresham Wealth Management Ltd Personal Injury Service document please click here.

  • CPD training for professionals

    Gresham Wealth Management is one of the few financial planning firms in the North West that are registered to deliver CPD training. Committed to supporting fellow professionals with their ongoing professional development and understanding of key financial planning measures, our team have delivered training to over 350 accountants and solicitors in the region. Not only do these sessions help to keep you and your team ‘in the know’ on current legislation, they also help to identify potential benefits to your firm and your clients. Get in touch with us to discuss arranging a tailor made session for you and your team.
  • Client Testimonials

    I knew I had to start the ball rolling with getting our finances sorted but it was a hard thing for me to do as it cements the fact that our lives have changed forever. You made the whole process so much easier.
    I’m really impressed by how responsive you have all been to get this through against such a tight timescale.
    The professionalism of your service continues to give me confidence that we are pursuing the optimum route with our finances. The sound advice you provide is more critical than ever in the current climate.
    Whilst my client’s situation is obviously very complicated, you made it very straight forward – quite an art!
    On behalf of Walk & Talk Group, I would like to thank you for the most informative, enjoyable and appropriate presentation you gave. Members found the session of great value and very useful.
    Thank you for your visit today. We enjoyed meeting you and found you to be very thorough and knowledgeable. As a result, we now have a positive outlook concerning the future of our finances
    My current investments are well on the positive side and I do thank you for your care and management of my financial affairs. I simply wouldn’t know how to manage them myself, and feel secure and confident knowing you are looking after these matters so professionally.
    It’s lovely for us to have nice friendly advisors like Jonathan and Morven.
    Morven’s guidance about pensions and investments has provided us with excellent returns, even during the recent turbulent financial times. She has been a helpful and friendly advisor for many years and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.
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